Glass and Dishwasher

Servicing, repairs and

We can help you with..........

Leaks from hoses, detergent pumps, rinse aid injectors, chemical leaks, drips from wash pumps, rinse pumps and supply hoses.

Greasy crockery, rain spots on glasses, beers and sparkling drinks going flat, glassware staining and general washware result problems.

Dishwasher and glasswasher chemicals overflowing containers, noisy wash pumps, glass and dishwashers that trip the electrical supply when switched on or mid-cycle, broken switches, handles and control knobs.

Missing drain plugs, glasswashers a dishwashers that won't drain or are slow to empty out, machines that wont fill up or fill up too much.

Electrical elements not heating up, water that's too hot or boiling, wash and rinse jets missing, water softener problems, no salt being used, too much salt being used.

Sparkling Glassware

Your glassware should always be squeaky-clean and sparkling. Sometimes, an easy repair or service can be all it takes to return glasses to 'like new' condition.  Book a service appointment now.

Premium Beverages

Your customers demand and expect premium beverages to be served in premium glassware. Make sure yours are in tip-top condition by having us regularly service your glasswasher.

Warewasher Settings

Your Ware washer works hard and saves you an amazing amount of money. Look after it by letting us check the chemicals, water hardness and temperature settings during an annual service.

Bright,shiny Crockery

Food looks fresher, juicier, and more appetising on clean, shiny plates and bowls. With us on your side, your catering dishwasher will deliver cleaner washes and hot, bright rinses, time after time.