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Catering Kitchen


appliance and kitchen repairs

In addition to everyday service calls and repairs we are also able to offer slightly more specialist repair and maintenance services to items such as Chinese Wok ranges, Tandoori ovens and commercial food mixers.


tools & equipment

Gas Testing

Substantial investment in state-of-the-art tools and test equipment allows us to accurately diagnose appliance and system faults, as well as enabling us to provide you with competitive quotations and test certification. From a gas combustion analyser to a microwave leak detector - we can always put our hands on the right tools for the job.

well-stocked service vans

Service van

We hope you’d agree that there seems very little point in attending a service call if generic and frequently-fitted parts are likely to be an issue. Therefore our service vans are well fitted and well stocked with the replacement parts our engineers are most likely to need, which saves everyone time and money.

commercial microwave

There is a view among some caterers that domestic and commercial microwave ovens are all the same - which is rubbish. Commercial microwaves are built with far stronger materials, are far more powerful and are made to stand up to the tough conditions found in professional kitchens. We repair all major brands such as Panasonic, Amana, Sharp, Toshiba and Samsung.

Microwave Engineers

we keep parts in stock

Again, we carry large stocks of generic and OEM parts to fit most food service appliances.

Microwave Repairs

glass & dishwashers


Glass and dishwashers need regular attention if they are to deliver consistently good results. From the quality of the water entering these complex machines to the final squeaky-clean glasses and crockery that come out, we service and maintain a whole host of popular makes and models. Whether you have a Maidaid Halcyon, Hobart, Meiko, Winterhalter, Classeq, DIHR or a Nelson, chances are we’ll have the parts, the service manuals, the experience and expertise to keep you up and running.

ventilation & extraction

Extraction fans and canopy ventilation systems work hard in extreme conditions. Heat, smoke steam and grease are a constant hazard, and whilst equipment manufacturers have substantially improved build quality over the years, things do go wrong - usually when you least expect it.

We stock a wide range of extraction fans that fit many commercial catering extraction applications. We are distributors of Woods-flakt, Helios, Elta, Roof Units and Vent-axia fans and variable speed controllers. We also service and repair all other fan makes and we offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for gas safety interlock systems. Also, check out our competitive extraction cleaning section here.

gas safety interlocks

Roof Units catering fan

Most modern catering kitchens are now regulated by a gas safety interlock system. The device ensures that extraction fans are working correctly and efficiently before allowing the gas supply to be switched on, thus ensuring that staff can breathe fresh air, not the products of gas combustion used in the cooking process. Interlocks are generally very reliable, but we keep good stocks of all the essential components such as gas solenoid valves, air pressure sensors and emergency stop switches - just in case. We can service, repair and upgrade gas safety interlocks or fit brand new systems, all at very reasonable and competitive prices.

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