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As you will read below, we specialise in the repair of most food industry planetary mixers. We stock a large range of parts for both old and new mixers, so if you want a part or you need a service engineer to call on you, please contact us.

planetary history

Planetary food mixers have been the catering industry's favourite recipe for mix consistency and versatility for many years. Hobart set the standard more than 75 years ago and they still enjoy a huge slice of the market for both new and used commercial food mixers.

Other manufacturers such as Crypto Peerless, Metcalfe and Fimar manufactured their own machines to rival HHobart mixerobart's universally popular 20 quart model, and more recently the likes of Newscan and Moretti have added other models to compete in the market place.

The now increasingly popular domestic range of Kitchenaid food mixers began life in 1919, manufactured by Hobart as an alternative table-top mixer for busy commercial chefs to use while their floor standing models were busy.

Regardless of the mixer or its manufacturer, planetary food mixers are generally renown for their reliability, durability, versatility and the ability to produce consistently outstanding performances in a very demanding environment.

A planetary mixer consists of a large bowl for ingredients and a dough hook, beater and whisk attachment for different types of food prep. There is also usually an attachment point for driving a grater or vegetable preparation equipment. The planetary action causes the agitator to move in a figure-eight motion, allowing the food ingredients to uniformly mix.

Despite their ruggedness and solid build quality, commercial planetary mixers are very complex pieces of machinery and they can, and often do, go wrong.

We have many years of experience gained in supplying, servicing, maintaining and repairing all makes and models of commercial planetary food mixers. From a faulty mains lead or a dodgy switch, right through to a complete gearbox overhaul and rebuild, we can help if or when yours goes wrong.

Even if you are based outside of Wiltshire, we offer a fast, Nationwide repair service and we can usually give you a fairly accurate repair estimate over the phone - 01793 521119 or 07768 767909

new parts - made to measure

For owners of older mixers and food-service machinery, we now offer a made-to-measure parts manufacturing service. Using the latest CAD technology and engineering machinery, we can manufacture virtually any part to fit virtually any mixer, whether its old, new or just plain obscure.

accessories and attachments

We also sell mixer accessories and attachments such as whisks, dough hooks, beaters and bowls, as well as gearbox grease, drive belts and power chords.

Again, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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